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Here at Cloud 9 Therapeutic Massage we would like to help your body heal itself and stay in optimal health through the healing of touch.

We care about each client and offer various types of modalities to suit most clients’ needs.

We offer Clinical/Deep Tissue Massag.  We also offer Pregnancy Massage with the special pillow so that you can still lay face down with a baby in your belly!  Specialty massages include, Walking on a Cloud, Skinny Massage and a Cellulite Massage.  Our massages also come with an option of aromatherapy and/or paraffin dips.   Visit the Service and Rates tab for more modalities and the rates.

Introducing:  Injury Recall Technique (IRT).  This technique erases years of injury dysfunction pattern and allows all the muscles in your body to be completely balanced.  You get off the table feeling light and renewed.  

Introducing: Well Wave.  This helps with soft tissue strains, dysfunction in transitional regions between tendons and muscles, repetitive stress injuries, trigger points, tendinopathy and myofascial dysfunction.  People say "Its a miracle machine". 

We have the experience to work on you if you have been in an auto accident. We can accept most credit cards.  

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Cloud 9 Therpeutic Massage">Cloud 9 Therpeutic Massage

Yours in Health,

Dr. Annette Bennett 


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