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"I have traveled all over the world and have not found anybody that can do what you do Annette", Angie, Jackson MI.

"When I hurt I know it has been to long since I have been in for my massage", Ann, Jackson, MI.

"Annette has 'Magic Hands'", Brenda, Napoleon MI.

"I have tried many massage therapists and none of them helped my shoulder and neck like Annette", Mike, Jackson, MI. 

"I have NEVER been to a better massage therapist! Annette has hands that are truly magic, my neck and shoulder problems just seem to fade away after I leave. My osteoarthritis is much more tolerable and if it has been too long between sessions my body sure knows it. I cannot give any higher recommendation!!!" Denise, Jackson, MI


Colette said:

"I purchased the "well wave" service also, an ultrasound app  For pain treatment before my massage, ( I have significant arthritis In my shoulder and knees).  I went on a 8 hour car trip the next day And I was almost pain free and felt good for the 8 hours driving home also!  I highly recommend it with the massage!!  My tech was great the tech was able to follow my  Preferences perfectly!"

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